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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a deadly fire claims at least one life. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> let's get straight to the breaking news in and around the county. a house fire has killed one person and sent another to the hospital with critical injuries. john is live with the latest. >> it is a terrible situation. firefighters are sifting through the debris. this neighborhood is suffering and struggling with the loss of one of their neighbors. we understand county firefighters responded around
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130 this afternoon. they found a small single-family home consumed by smoke and flames. two residents were trapped inside. after knocking down the fire that took about 30 minutes, fire fighters found one person deceased and the other suffering severe burns. we spoke with a neighbor who first saw the smoke and called 911. he was also able to flag down a police officer in the neighborhood. they both tried to enter the home, but it was impossible. >> i felt the window. there was no way. it was super hot. we opened the door together and almost got knocked out. the smoke just poured out. >> the female is believed to be in her late sixties or early 70's. she was taken to johns hopkins with life-threatening injuries. the resident who perished has not been identified. residents tell us a husband, wife, and elderly mother lived in the home. the cause of the fire is still
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unknown this evening. john gonzales for abc 7 news. an airplane has been intercepted near camp david where the first family is staying this weekend. he was intercepted about 6 miles away from the retreat. they escorted the small plane to hagerstown where it has landed without incident. we're following a developing story from prince george's county. the police officer shot a man during an alleged carjacking. we have the latest on the unfolding investigation. >> authorities are still gathering information. they tell us it was a carjacking that involved a police officer's private vehicle. the officer fired multiple shots at a suspect. this car is part of a violent weeakeup call.
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at least four shots, according to witnesses. the police described it as an attempted carjacking of the officers pickup parked outside his house. daniel washington heard someone shout in. >> i heard something on the glass. next thing, i heard shots. puts the police said the unnamed officer was a victim of a carjacking and fired the weapon to defend himself. reginald clayborn saw the aftermath. he believes the suspect was about 20 years old and was taken into custody. police say the officer shot the man multiple times. >> i am not going to say he deserved it, but he should not have been up here anyway. >> residents say the officer
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moved in on friday. there is this from a resident who does not want to be identified. >> normally this time of morning, i walked into the bus to go to work. i could have been caught in it. >> we do not have specifics on when the shots were fired whether there was a face-to-face encounter. the authorities are looking into this. typically officers involved in these kinds of situations are placed on administrative leave. we're told the officer has minor injuries. we're told the alleged carjacker is in the hospital in critical condition. we will keep you updated on this and other developing story. log on to our website at three people are dead after
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a car crash this morning on mississippi ave. police say the driver was speeding when she lost control going over a speed bump. the car ended up in a part. two male passengers are dead. the female driver was also killed. a female passenger is hospitalized in serious condition. police are investigating the crash. a somber remembrancer for a boy who would have turned 5 today. he and his family were killed by an alleged current driver. suzanne kennedy is live in the newsroom on how friends and family remembered him today. >> this was to be a day for the family to celebrate. instead, it became a day to honor tyler rowe who died with his family last sunday. >> this is a tragedy. but family friends, and even strangers came together to mark
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what should have been a little boy's fifth birthday. >> i have a five-year old son. it really tugs at your heart strings. >> last sunday, the family died in a fiery crash allegedly caused by an under age driver. authorities say he had been drinking for hours and had a blood alcohol content at the time of crash of three times the legal limit. today the community came together to offer support and launched balloons to remember tyler on his birthday. >> he was always happy. he loved to draw. >> we would've had a party today for him. it is too soon for him. >> people watched as the balloons floated to have been hoping he would know that people
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were thinking and praying for him and his family. >> it makes me feel proud in a way. to know they can be remembered like this. >> the funeral for the roe family is scheduled for thursday. the suspect remains jailed without bond. a warning for this holiday weekend. police will be watching out for drunk or distracted drivers. virginia state police say 75% of the uniformed officers will be patrolling for monday. the maryland state police are adding 75 extra troops on the road. d.c. police say you can expect to see increased patrols throughout the city as well. preparations continue on the national mall for the big fourth of july holiday. crews were busy setting up for
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the fireworks spectacular. people attending should remember to expect high security. bags will be checked at the entrance point. metro is running extra trains. the fireworks will start shortly after 9:00. what will be whether be like? let's go to steve for a preview. >> we a little bit of everything on the way for the next 24 hours. we're watching a cool front develop. it is 92 x reagan national airport. look at the doppler radar. there is western maryland. this is where the isolated showers are beginning to pop up. i am confident most of the showers will remain to the west of the metro overnight. we will call for a few isolated showers. a cold front will arrive for the day tomorrow. there will be fine fireworks weather on the way for the
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fourth. we will talk about that and much more in a few minutes. someone in the area as extra cash for holiday sales. the mega millions to geticket worth $107 million was sold locally. the winner has not claimed the prize. they will get about $60 million before taxes for the low sun. the grocery store will get a $50,000 bonus. still to come, the help greece is getting to avoid bankruptcy. >> their new details in the case against dominique strauss-kahn. his accuser is getting more scrutiny tonight. >> another royal wedding
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we are following new developments in greece that have implications for all of us. the eurozone finance ministers cleared the way for greece to receive nearly $18 billion in emergency loans to avoid imminent bankruptcy. the loan comes after greek officials met with european union and imf officials and met their demands despite intense rioting at home. there is new information about the woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape. sources said the woman may have been working as a prostitute in the hotel. he left his town home in new york city this afternoon. destination is unknown. he did enjoy a $660 dinner last night after getting out on bail and being released from house arrest. president obama and a republican went toe to toe on
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the budget and debt ceiling. the president said everything must be on the table during his weekly address. >> it means we will have to make tough decisions and scale back some programs. nothing can be off limits, including spending and the tax code particularly the loopholes that benefit you individuals and corporations. >> the indiana senator gave the republican response. he said the federal government must stop spending and put in place policies that will grow the economy. he and other republicans strongly oppose any tax increases. still to come, a storybook wedding in monaco. prince albert married his
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it may be a small principality, but it was a big royal wedding. prince albert married charlene wittstock. she is the first princess cents princess grace. >> it was the most coveted invitation. the president of france was there along with supermodels and roger moore. the real stars were the bride and groom. charlene wore an armani wedding gown. they had a civil ceremony earlier. the religious syriaceremony was much more grand. they exchanged vows in french. each place in 18 ^ platinum ring on the thing -- finger of the other.
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behind the royal romance some real injury. there are reports the bride almost walked out before the wedding. -- there is some real injury. -- there were reports that she was on her way back to south africa after learning he had a third child out of wedlock. reports say she was stopped by police who persuaded her not to be a bolting bride. the family denies it. >> the family has been plagued by a lot of scandal. >> some may wonder if these are tears of joy. the couple began life together arm in arm shower by flower petals. who is to say the bloom will not last? i looked up the souvenirs' i can buy to remember the day. the good news is that i can give
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you an official portrait of the couple for only eight euros. a key gene was going to cost me like 21550 euros. [laughter] >> we're looking at a nice evening for most of the area. the clouds are beginning to increase from west to east. there should not be much of a problem for the immediate metro area. a few showers and thunderstorms are popping up west of the area. 95 is the official pipe at reagan national. we are above average again. 101 is the record. it is 92 at this hour. dew point levels are in the mid- 50s. that is why it feels so comfortable. it will feel much different tomorrow. the humidity levels will increase along with temperatures.
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it is '91 in alexandria after a high of 96. it is 92 downtown at george washington university. it is in the 90's across much of the area. it is cool off to the west. they had some showers in cumberland. the shower is beginning to pop up across the panhandle of west virginia. do not be surprised if you see these guys get darker. there's only about a 30% chance of showers tonight. it is 98 in detroit. these dew point levels are what is on the way tomorrow. that is why it will feel so uncomfortable tomorrow. the cold front of to the northwest is beginning to flare up showers. this is on the way for tomorrow. when it moves on, we will look for a nice fourth of july
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holiday. the afternoon storms tomorrow will clear out for the fourth of july. showers and storms are on the way tomorrow afternoon. we are not expecting a lot. there's only a 50% chance of storms. by the fourth of july, it will clear aliout nicely for the fireworks displays. tomorrow there is the chance a few showers and storms. it will be 88 to 93 degrees. it will be around 87 and partly cloudy skies for the fireworks. extended outlook shows temperatures near 90 for the upcoming week. is your online home for abc 7 weather. what is going on in sports? >> the nationals are getting back to a hot streak.
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they're playing a double header. the big story is across the globe. the u.s. women put on quite a show today against columbia
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the toyota sports desks is brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the team captain said the game gave them their swagger back. they had to play just to get into the world cup. the match against colombia was a glimpse of the future and past glory days. the u.s. crab proudly wore their red, white, and blue. -- crowd proudly wore the colors. the u.s. is still up a goal.
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lloyd shoots and scores a beauty. >> [cheers and applause] >> the u.s. wins 3-0. >> i had a couple of yards in front of me. i let it fly and flow. i am really proud of the team. we did some great stuff today. we're moving on to the next game. >> there's a lot to be proud of. you may expect the nerve to betray petra instead of sherpa over. petra dominated sherarapova. she kept on going. on match point she got her groove going. she served an ace right down the
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middle. she wins her first grand slam title. in the men's senior doubles, a check this out. they provided one of the best rallies of the tournament. >> the partners would lose to cash and woodford but they win our play of the day. the national played a doubleheader against the pirates. the first thing is not being aired because of broadcast regulations. in the meantime, let's sabre last night's home debut for manager davey johnson. roger tied it up at one. there was a blast to right field in the bottom of the sixth. it was his fifth of the year. it is the same score in the night.
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matt grinds it off the right- field wall. he gets better with age. the nats win 2-1. we go to sad news for caps' fans. the panthers signed bradley to a contract today. i will move past it.
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the fireworks will go on as planned. i promise. >> thank you for watching. we hope to see you


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